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Thank managers as well so to admit to all the members that make up this prestigious group. I want to tell about VocalCare® because that will be useful to you all.

Many professionals in various disciplines who need and depend on their voice to perform work: singers, vocalists, coreutas, comedians, drivers on radio or TV, actors, lecturers, teachers, trainers, broadcasters, entertainers, business consultants and sales, telemarketers, pastors, etc.

They use for many hours a day the voice as a basic tool to develop their work.

Who must preserve your voice various factors that require daily.

To all of them is aimed VocalCare®.

And of course we realize that with the constant demands that arise on a day to day wear are produced in our tool, either by endogenous factors (inherent in ourselves or we can prevent), as well as exogenous factors ( we can not control or predict), which can produce significant changes in the organs that produce the voice and consequently deficits.

The need to preserve our voice in optimal conditions led us to develop the most complete line of natural products for voice care !!

VocalCare® is the answer to a better quality of life that helps us to protect and develop the most valuable asset we have: our voice !! More additional information on our website www.vocalcare.net

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So, I checked out the link. Pretty graphics, funky music and no explanation. Just a link to pay for a subscription with no idea what one is buying. Perhaps a little more description and testimonials would get more people interested.


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Doesn't work on my devices. When I finally got to a desktop computer, I had a really difficult time navigating the website, and couldn't find prices anywhere. Will there be more info the site soon? Will there be an HTML 5 version of the site?

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