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The Importance of Vocal Anatomy for Singers

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This article is an introduction to a more extensive publication located at Lead Vocals


The Importance of Vocal Anatomy for Singers

The human voice is powered by breath, produced by vibrations, and shaped by resonance.

"In every field the man who can merely do things without knowing why is at a disadvantage to the one who can not only build but also tell you just why he is building in that way. This is especially noticeable when the prescribed cycle does not obey the laws it is supposed to: then the labourer must sit by with folded hands while the mechanic or engineer comes in and adjusts the delicate mechanism. "

Reuben Fine, Chess Grandmaster, Psychologist, Professor and Author


We all can talk and sing without any further knowledge of the physiological mechanism that sets off our voice. It is when we start studying to become better at our craft, that we challenge ourselves in learning new techniques and in correcting bad habits and behaviour to achieve a specific sound. During our studies we will sooner or later get in touch with the topic of vocal anatomy and its terms.

Knowing the anatomic elements and their function is essential for the purpose of communication, be it between vocal instructor and student, or in literature. The standardized anatomic terminology ensures that we can exchange ideas, techniques and instructions with great precision.

The study of vocal anatomy will in addition help the vocalist to understand the mechanics and limitations of the human voice, and will function as a guide to choose those vocal techniques that respect the anatomic background of the voice. The newly acquired knowledge will increase awareness of the different parts involved in the creation of our voice, and will support us to develop a feeling for these organs during singing.

What are these organs and how do they work?

The background section at Lead Vocals has an article that describes the mechanism of our voice and the involved organs. Find out how our voice is created in the human body, how we achieve a powerful voice, how we produce pitch, and how we influence our vocal qualities at

Additional Information

Our Practice Section at Lead Vocals

Try to Sing Along at Lead Vocals

What is Lead Vocals?

Lead Vocals is a free of charge online resource for aspiring vocalists, who are learning the craft of singing and who practice their art by singing along to playback recordings and to other selected musical performances on video.

All recordings are hand selected and the lyrics are spot on matching to the performance of the lead vocalist. The tool allows for quick access to practice specific parts within a song. We especially took care in avoiding clutter and disruptive advertising.

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