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I know he's long out of the spotlight, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap...famous once for hits like Lady Willpower, Young Girl, Woman Woman, Over You back in the 60's. I always admired his tonal quality.  But I recently ran across this solo album he did of some rock hits and I developed a newfound appreciation for his obvious skill and seemless transitions on these tunes.  If you listen to him, you can pick up on many great things you might want to incorporate or develop in your own voice.

Such consistency of tone, he sounds so smooth and seamless going in and out of falsetto head, voice, chest voice like nothing. Such a mixture of dark and light quality.  In fact you will think he's singing a lot higher than he really is.  I study his vowel particular me.

He's right up there all the greats IMO, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Sinatra, etc. 

This is really worth a serious listen!  Check out the entire album.. here are just a few:


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23 hours ago, The Future Vocalist said:

Sorry but he butchered "Is This Love" IMHO. Maybe it's because I love the original but Puckett doesn't have a deep enough voice like Coverdale does to do the song justice.

Oh boy..LOL!!!

You and I both know he doesn't rock it out like Coverdale.  That's not my point.  My point is to hear the way he sings, his blend, his vocal color, his vowel choices,  the vibrato, his ends of his sung lines. The man can sing very, very, technically well.  I hear a lot of Steve Perry in that rounded, fluid tone quality.

You can learn a lot from just listening to guys like this.

It's good to hear these overlooked, or out-of-the-spotlight (a nice way of saying has-beens) vocalists because he left a strong vocal legacy years ago.  

This band lost popularity (sadly) because all their songs started to sound the same.





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This is some real nice singing and I'll probably be on this post by myself, but the man can sing. He has such a tonal consistency and a richness to his voice.


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