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Feeling Groove.  

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  1. 1. Do you "feel" or count music in quarter notes or 8th notes?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Huh? I don't get it?
    • No, I just hit high notes in my falsetto!

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I usually have an interplay between 16ths and triplets in mind. The 16ths would be said: 1 ee and a 2 ee and a 3 ee and a 4 ee and a. But it is simplest to start with the 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. 

Triplets can either be poly rhythm or fit within the framework 16ths. I hear it a lot with jazz and some of the more sophisticated soul singing (Marvin Gaye, Al green, etc).

Part of why the 'and' has momentum, is in black influenced music, depending on how you subdivide the notes, the 'and' can form the back beat, when double time. With jazz drumming the back beat is on the high hat stomp which is a more subtle sound, with rock n roll it's on the snare.

This video has been circulating among musicians for awhile where the audience is clapping on the downbeat, and Harry Connick Jr plays a single measure in 5/4 time to get the audience's claps to fall on the back beat:

The feel suddenly changes. And the audience likely wouldn't even know why. And it is from emphasizing the back beat.

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14 hours ago, Draven Grey said:

I naturally write a lot of very odd meter music, that somehow still grooves, so you don't want to know how I count, haha!

Given your talents, you probably count backwards in pie.

Thanks for watching guys... 

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Thanks  Bob, cool!

I have to argue... THIS is the original... this is the way we all remembered it.

Very different then my version... mine rocked more... lol. But you will notice the groove is the same... strong accents on the upbeat 8th... 


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That Brandy song is a kick Rob. I like your interpretation. I gotta say, that lead singers shirt (Looking Glass video) is really something. :4:

On the "do you feel or count" poll, ... at first I just answered "no", then I thought for a while longer and realized I do "feel it" 98% of the time. I only really count (in 8ths) when the line I must sing has a challenging entry point due to an "advanced" time signature, or an instrumentally busy section of the song. So, the correct answer is actually "yes," since I will both count and feel. so I changed it.

you are a gifted pollster! :cool:

here's a funny little number by Taj Mahal where he stops the song to teach the audience the correct count for their clapping. 




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