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Is it possible for me to sing higher and lighter?

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I'm a baritone. I can sing up to an E4, and I can sometimes belt up to an A4.

After E4 though it's either belting or head voice.

I can smoothly transition to head voice at a low-medium volume, but I'm not getting a usable tone in the middle. It's just weak.

I don't care about high rock screams, I just want to be able to sing E4 to A4 in a comfortable mix voice from soft to loud.

Something like this:

Thom's voice seems to be able to thin out to a nice light tone.

I want to be able to thin my voice out like that too, but it doesn't want to do that. :(

Here's a clip of me singing. I only go up to middle C in this clip, but it'll give you an idea of my voice and timbre.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hey, that was really really good. Perhaps but try different microphones? Some might cut the low end and add more brilliance. Wont change the timber much though.

For me singing higher thins out the voice. Around C5 it's nasal razorblades, or nasalblades :)

Have you tried starting high up and then taking it lower?

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Therein lies the problem.

I don't live by any good vocal teachers (I live in Prior Lake, MN), and my internet connection (1.5mb dsl) is too slow for skype.

So I've been trying to figure out this stuff on my own. I've improved dramatically in the last six months, but finding a good mix has been elusive for me.

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I have the Singing Success program and Mastering Mix.

Some of the exercises are really easy. Some of them are impossibly hard.

I'm not making any progress with these programs. I started improving a lot more once I stopped doing the program and just taught myself by recording myself and fixing things.

I've watched a lot of different videos on youtube and gone around on forums looking for more information, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm aware of CVT, but the whole vocal modes thing seems kind of silly to me compared to SS.

I think what I need is someone that can critique clips of me doing some exercises so I can have some actual feedback on what I'm doing wrong.

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EvilSoup- Recording yourself is really valuable in my opinion.

I've tried both of those Manning Programs too and have kind of had the same luck. In fact, the MM one seems to really tire my chords. Not the lip bubble stuff, but some of the other exercises where they're telling you to pull down a bit on your larynx. I DO like the early morning warmup disc. It helps, though I have had one of my own for years.

I'm wondering if Ken Tamplin's program is easier to follow and if it produces quicker results. I don't want to be a metal singer, but I do want things to be easier.

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I also have both of the Manning Programs. I've branched out on my on in the last year but still use the MM morning warmup disc first off the bat each day (really good) and follow that with some of the exercises off of the original SS style CDs. There are some good agility runs that I practice up and down the scales using a variety of vowels. This seems to help me with cord flexibility, resonance practice and coordinating more rapid registration gymnastics.

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Even if you're not looking to be a "metal" singer, Robert Lunte can still help. The distortion used by metal singers comes after the fundamentals. So, the fundamentals to having a strong range go across an genre and some of his students sing country, others sing pop and r & b. Even if skype is slow for you, you can still talk with Robert on the phone.

(Believe me, this is not Robert saying this and me repeating it) a few people here have made gigantic leaps after just one session with him lasting no more than an hour. His newest version is available in pdf to read on your computer or Kindle or Nook or I-Pad reader. The deluxe package also includes at least one lesson. And Robert doesn't hold himself to an exact hour. He sticks with you until you have mastered the concept. And I don't mean just barely got it. I mean, you could turn around and teach it. That kind of mastery.

But trust me, I understand finances. You can speak with him or Aaron about that.

Other good coaches with great insights are such as James Lugo, Jaime Vendera, Kevin Richards (not listed in any order of preference or ranking.) In fact, I found this forum through watching a youtube video of Kevin Richards. He is one of the associated instructors with the Vocalist Studio and has his own gig, as well, rockthestageNYC.

Plus everyone else here who can offer their insights, from the highly technical Steven to laymen such as myself. I'm an electrician and an operations manager at a company I work for. Bob has a video store. You get the idea.

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