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Recommendations for lyrics apps for live performance

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Hello,  Not sure if this is the right section to post this but hoping someone could help me out.  I am a solo performer (guitar/vocals) looking to find the best app for viewing lyrics on my ipad.  I have memorized most of the songs in my set but some I can never quite remember.  I have been using Dropbox for the past 4 years but they keep needlessly updating it.  It has now become unusable.  Before I could pull up lyrics to any song in under 5 seconds through a list of 500.  Now it takes much longer..  And time in between songs is precious.  I was saving lyrics in MS Word and loading them into Dropbox.  Perhaps this is an ancient technique but it worked well for me.  

Anyone have any recommendations?  Ease of use and timing is huge for me.  Don't want to be searching & scrolling for too long.  I would prefer to not have to re-write all the lyrics documents I have saved if that's possible.  And I don't need any guitar tab or chords, just the lyrics.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers

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59 minutes ago, Gsoul82 said:

Why not just copy and paste the lyrics into the Notes app?

Or Pages, or Google Drive, or PDF, or print them out, or do what I used to do and print them out extra large and tape them to the stage floor in front of you.

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I wrote something recently about tips for memorising song lyrics. I've always felt that reading my way through gigs leaves me a bit disconnected from the audience, so I spent a lot of time over the years looking at memory techniques etc. Perhaps you'll find it useful for those ones you find tricky to memorise? That's just my personal experience though, I know a lot of people are more comfortable reading through a gig so don't let my old fashioned head stop you!

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