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Best home speakers with Shure SM58

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Hi All,

I have a Singing machine SMG-138 and the microphone which came along with it was very bad. I wanted to do some good home recordings so I did some research and went ahead and bought a Shure SM58 microphone.

Now the problem is that though the microphone is good , it seems the small karaoke machine speakers cannot deliver enough amplification or power for the speaker. I really have to place the Shure mic almost inside my mouth to get some voice out of the speakers. This is very frustrating after buying a microphone praised so much by the community everywhere.

Can you please suggest a speaker/ pa system for my home which will go well with the Shure SM 58 , It will be better if it is a two speaker system so that I can place it in the two corners of my living room. It should sound nice when i sing in front of my guests without me putting too much effort. I believe with the right gears singing should not not need shouting which is what currently i am doing :).

Price range : 200 to 400 USD , but I am open to suggestions.

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Let's be clear. Your trying to make a recording with a Karaoke system? And now you want to try to do with a live PA system? Karaoke systems and PA systems are not the equipment you need to make home recordings. They are more for live performing. It is a totally different situation.

For recording, you can use the SHURE SM58, but even then, that microphone is made for live usage, not really for recording. But that is a smaller issue. To make home recordings you need to get a recording kit that consists of:


- DAW software

- Microphone. ( you can use your shure, but its not really intended for home recordings. Its not a "recording" mic, although it will work ).

- An interface. ( converts analog signals to digital so the above DAW software can get a signal ).

- Headphones.

- Cables.

I recommend that you purchase an all-in-one home recording kit from Focusrite. Something like this.


Or,... you purchase a small live recording device that will not give you great recordings, but more for demos or just to get a feel for your how you sound. These plug in-line straight into your Karaoke machine or PA. Something like this.

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