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I always hear that if i do XYZ , my voice will be permantley damaged. I'm not some famous pop star so i can't afford surgery like Adele, i'm really worried that my voice might damage but at the same time i want to be more free with my singing voice and just try out new styles. How can i be sure that a certain technique won't cause permanent damage.

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It's not that easy to cause permanent damage. Sleep well and enough, stay hydrated, use vocal technique and if your voice is hoarse or fatigued try and not sing and scale back on voice use. Don't get paranoid over vocal health, but respect it


I'm gonna go ahead and guess that these famous singers who hemorrage etc do so because they are forced to sing concerts back to back on already fatigued vocal folds. This may be due to poor sleep, alcohol, drugs or poor technique and plain bad vocal hygiene

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