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Fixing a bad note: an example

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It is starting to sound better.

I had trouble with the line....To the place I belong....not just because of the higher note but because of my accent...rather the odd way I pronounce some words. I have known about it for years (my odd way of speaking and how it hurt my singing) but could not pinpoint the problem until someone else pointed out what I was doing. On words with the O sound as in LONG I would pronounce it as "Be-l-AWE-ng". I had to tame the w sound I kept putting in there.

   Sometimes the way we pronounce words when we speak does not work on singing. When singing it is sometimes more useful to view "Modified" vowels as a "singers accent". Pay attention to difference in accents between some prominent singers' speech and the way they sing. Some notables are Adele and Elton John. They have very thick accents when they are talking and a different way of pronouncing words while singing. John Denver is the same way although he does not change his pronunciation as much as Adele and Elton you can still hear the difference. 

  Some would view these changes as a result of shaping the vocal tract for better resonance but for me it is easier to accomplish by viewing it as an accent you adopt for singing, rather than "Modifying vowels". 

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