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Total Beginner - Learning to Sing like Dio or Jorn Lande?

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Hi everyone! I'm new here, and my goal is to be able to eventually sing like Ronnie James Dio and Jorn Lande. As a beginner, what would be the best way to start me on my path? Should I find a teacher? If so, can someone give me some recommendations? Are there any good lessons online that could get me started? 

I luckily have a really high natural range, so I don't need to expand my range so much. I just want to be able to effortlessly sing high songs without it sounding too nasally and find a way to add that amazing gravel and vibrato. Thanks for your help!

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Sup, a teacher is likely to be a good option, I specialize on metal and this type of power vocals, maybe I can help you. An example:


But, it´s a LOT of work ahead of you, Dio, Lande, Russel Allen, are in my opinion on a level of their own. Welcome to the journey \m/

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