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Last in Line

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I recorded this song a few times before. And was trying too hard, I think, to sound like Dio. And I sent the vocals and backing track to Mike to mix for me. Polite as he is, he's been too busy to mix it for me. Because the tracks were pitchy (I tried twice.)

So, tonight is my James Lugo night. STFU and sing. So, tonight, this song is mine. I wrote it, I originated it, it comes from my heart. I.E., I sang it as myself, as if I wrote it, and riffed it as I felt like it, damn the torpedos and full speed ahead. If you don't know what STFU and sing stands for, email me and I will elucidate. One thing I did do differently is slow the vocal down when I sing, so that I don't jump the gun. It worked, mostly.

The high stuff at the end may sound thin but I was blasting, overloading the mic a smidge but, you know, STFU and sing.


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