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John Farnham singing

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I have to admit that John Farnham singing give me the shivers. I don't understand which technique is he using? That powerful sound is is impossible for me to copy.

John Farnham - "When the war is over"

start =======> 6.20

EDIT: Update the my clip soon. I think I have got the solution.

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bel canto....appoggio support with a relaxed, open throat. he's locked in on his support taking all the strain with the lower core, leaving the throat, neck and jaw relaxed. he's one of all-time favorites.....he's so skilled.

none of it is stuck in the throat.

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Thank you Bob.


the tricky thing about that kind of singing i have found is the sound you hear, the perception of the sound, powerful, resonant has no relationship to what you actually need to do to produce that sound. what i've just said is hard to explain too...lol!!!

it only will happen for you when you learn to relax the muscles above the lower core...and that is easier said than done.

the power and strain has to be diverted into the lower core. another tricky thing is not to blow out too much air or too forcefully...you actually have to hold back the air.

it's sounds so simple i know, but it's allowing the compressed air to travel up unobstructed into those resonating pockets in the head cavities on those higher notes.

that's why i bought into frissell's method so strongly. by training initially top down, you seem to get aquainted with all of those head cavities.

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