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Sure Thing - Miguel (Acoustic Cover)

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Hey Darensings. You have a surprisingly polished pop tone with pretty good pitch already. This is the kind of thing that if you polished up and did the right song you could probably be successful with the ladies.

On technique, one thing I noticed that might be style or a technical trouble, is your vowel onsets had a lot of scratch or creaky voice. These can be used artistically, but it sounded like more usually used even in pop voices. My friend had this trouble which was making her strain and uncomfortable, and I had her mostly solve it with an exercise. Basically, you first sing with a resistance consonant, fade, and then begin the vowel with the same feeling and flow as the consonant and 'not' scratching for it.

Way - ay

Wee - ee

Why - Eye

Whoa - oh

Woo - ooh

Do this for all long and short vowels. You can use an M too (may, me, my, mow, moo), but basically if you have some kind of resistance consonant on the beginning of the word it can teach you to control overflow better. My friend likes W better than M, and that's something I actually used to do myself way back when learning, although I later learned people use M.

Overall, your singing, it's actually already in probably a good direction for commercial pop if you iron out any kinks. The only thing I'd suggest as a male listener, is maybe try just a bit more intensity. Not like rasp, or grit, or shout, but just a little more emotional emphasis in the sounds of words, like I can feel the song is a bit more meaningful than a getting laid kind of plea.

Now, that said, James Blunt has made a huge career out of making way less 'oomph' kinds of sounds than you and it works for getting laid and selling albums. Compared to him, you sound like Ronnie James Dio or James Brown, so this is completely subjective, but it's just an idea that might make you stand out a bit more in this style.

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Thank you KillerKu for your feedback! I appreciate it, and its really useful. lol I'm a step closer to impressing the ladies.

You seem to know what you're talking bout, are you a teacher?

Thanks again, and I'll take your advice!

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