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Need help with which "technique" I am using

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Hello everyone!

If you have the time, I would like some help with determining what kind of technique I am using in three separate clips. The first one is how I used to sing high stuff back in the day, what I believe is called Pulling Chest.


This strains and makes me hoarse quite fast, and from what I've read this is a very bad way of singing. So I've begun practicing with the Singing Success program for a few weeks, and I'm trying to do the exercises in this way.


Now, I believe this is breaking really hard into falsetto correct? (believe it or not, I used to break alot worse before exercising :P) I can feel myself getting better at this, specially when warmed up completely. I do not however like the sound of this technique one bit, but maybe this is simply because I have a very weak head voice?

Lastly, while checking out some youtube video's of Rob Lunte aswell as finding this forum and listening to some samples here on The Modern Vocalist, I "found" a new part of my voice I didn't really know about before. Maybe this is what they call belting?


I realize the third and first samples sound a bit alike, but they feel nowhere alike in my throat while singing them. The one I've called belting (be it correct or not) feels much more as though I'm singing farther back in mouth, as where the first sample feels almost at my teeth. It's hard to explain but please, if you have the time feel free to tell me firstly what I am doing :) Secondly, if it is wrong or correct or maybe just nudge me in right direction.

Thanks in advance for helping clearing out a confused mind.

Also, I'm sorry about the samples quality, both recording and singingwise. Hopefully as time goes on I will be providing better samples from both categories.



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your links wipe out the modern vocalist page so i had to rewrite all of this again. in the interest of saving time i'll, be brief.

(as always, if you can afford it, seek out a voice teacher.)

example 1, your larynx is rising too high and choking off the air, pulling chest? pulling and constricting.

example 2, you're dumping into falsetto and losing connection. kill this whole method altogether. this is not going to do anything to develop your voice. you must maintain fold adduction as you ascend.

example 3, see example 1

let's get some order to this....

first, assuming you are wanting to grow the voice with sirens, commit to a specific vowel sound that will aid you to transcend without engaging a lot of constrictors....the vowel sound "aw" (as in "awesome) is a really good one.

"oo" as in "cool" is another good one. as i learned from frisell, these are carving vowel sounds, which help you to feel and sense the sensation of moving from your chest musculature to your head musculature with a stability to the larynx and an open throat.

next, get a starting point to acsend from.... i suggest c3 to c4 transposing up in half steps.

you have to learn to keep the throat open and relaxed if you are going to sing high notes.

try sirens using these vowels, then after you have ingrained some muscle memory, go to the other vowels.


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Thanks for your reply Videohere. Ok, so my MAIN issue (I realize there are quite a few) is the positioning of my larynx?

Also, can you by those samples determine any difference in technique between sample 1 and 3? When I sing sample 1, I can push and strain and do everything you shouldn't up to about a g#4. It sounds like crap and it hurts, so I don't. When doing the same thing as in sample 3, I can get to about a c5. It also sounds not too nice, but I can do it quite "freely" except what you mentioned with the larynx.

With this reply I'm trying to clear out if I'm more correct in my technique in sample 3 although I should not try to reach these high notes in quite a while? Also, when singing as per sample one I'm alot more breathy than in sample 3 where I'm almost holding my breath.

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i'd like to help, but the small snipet you sent is not enough to determine how correct or incorrect you might be.

the forum is not the ideal way....

send over a sample of you doing a 5-note scale from c3 to g3 on "aw?"

we can see how that sounds.

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If I may...send a sample of how you are singing a song right now. The question you are asking is near impossible to answer without directly working with you. But if you are willing to listen there are things that can be detected and that you could understand, not fix, but understand. i hear tension on all the 3 samples, specially n 1 and n 2.

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Ok, sure. What kind of song would like to hear? Where I really push the limit so you can hear where it "goes wrong" or a song I think I have ok control over?

Also, I will send to you both sometime tomorrow, since the clock is about 0.20 am here in Sweden at the moment, and I have neighbours :)

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