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as nutty as this looks...?

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a belt that you wear while you're breathing and doing vocal exercises. This actually makes sense as breathing is often the most mysterious part of the whole deal. Anybody heard of this? I just stumbled on it.

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It's not to impede breathing. It's so you can actually feel what you're doing with your ribs. It's basically like holding your hands on your ribs and feeling them going out. Not endorsing it or anything, but for me, breathing has been a real mysterious deal and something that's been tough to master. Might be kind of cool to actually feel resistance there just so you know what muscles to be moving. I've notice a ton of"teachers" out there also giving different information on it. It's a feedback device, not something to hold your ribs in. I don't know, it actually looks like something that could help you identify where you should feel the breath. The ribs should move out, you should feel it in your back, but so much of what I see looks like peeps sticking out their stomachs like malnutrition victims.

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Can be used, I can imagine a purpose. But Its not magic, a common belt will do the job, and without assistance, wont work.

Exercise caution. This is an extreme form to isolate muscles, it should not be necessary to go this far. The diaphragm is a vital muscle, it participates both on the respiratory system as on the digestive system. If you overdo it, it could hurt you badly.

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