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are singers wrestlers?

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there's a new tv show starting up next week called "duets" where 4 top level celebrity singers pick contestant singers to do duets with, then compete against the other duets.

i really have an issue with this duets who duel theme when it applies to vocalists. i can see competitions where singers compete against each other (seperately) but when you start to do "singing matches" it just reminds me of the (dare i say) "fixed" tag team wrestling matches.

i'll bet you two to one they're going all out to have all this reality show drama, and these staged anxiety attacks and all this b.s. that goes along with a show like jersey shore. i'll bet you might get to see some staged vocal errors too this time....those processed food sponsors are probably calling for it!!

the whole, "you against us" theme i hope will tire very quickly so we can stop the possibility of the public learning to view vocalists as fighters.

they have named the show "duets" but if you ask me, it should have been named "duels."

your thoughts?

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I agree with both Bob and Dover.

Once "American Choppers" aired and everyone "loved" the drama of the battling Teutles', every "reality" show after that had to have "drama." Makes me want to vomit.

The best thing I can do is to not watch such shows. Even "American Choppers," which I watched during the first season. And that was excessive. I haven't watched that show in years and I'm not missing anything. How many times can you see them under some "impossible" deadline to build some thing and have the inevitable shouting match?

This "Duet" show sounds like more of the same. Which is not what singing is about, to me.

I'm not really into "competition" shows, anyway, as far as singing goes and that includes AI. Who cares?

Get out there and sing for the public in real life. Build your own skills, presence, and fan base. All the judges these shows have had did not get where they are with talent competitions. They hit the road. They sang in stinky, little bars after two days on the road with no bath.

Nothing beats dedicated work at your craft.

Ouch, this soapbox has splinters.

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I agree Bob. I don't like the idea of singers competing like that. I mean American idol is one thing where at least music is performed as well as they can perform it. The show you describe seems like a denigration of music while singers are turned into fighters. Maybe fun for some people to watch but the thought of it turns me off.

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I think its the same deal as the other TV shows, like idols, etc.

Pick a few persons and build a drama around them, exposing their weakness and their conflicts to the audience.

Really weird, Id rather see just some performances. The OMG this ugly person can sing reaction kinda resumes all of it for me.

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