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hi i just joined this website and i found it very interesting. i have a concern however and i was hoping someone could help me. I am singer/pianist who sings for 4-5 hours every night every day, i have been having problems vocally on and off with my range and constantly catching a cold or having sore throat. i started seeing an Ent specialist who had me on antibiotics to reduce the swelling of my tonsil, however that was working so well so i visited another Ent and to my surprise he said that i needed to take my tonsil out. i have been battling with the decision of whether to do it or not because i am afraid this will affect my vocal quality and range and ALSO i only have about 3 weeks before i have to go back to work. SO i was hoping to get some reviews on here and or to see if there were any other alternatives to tonsillectomy. Thanks! dwghtblake@yahoo.com

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You are overworking yourself. 4 to 5 hours just about every night is draining, for any singer, even the best trained ones and I don't think you are not trained or accomplished. What if a tri-athlete ran a triathelon every day, 7 days a week. Do you think he might encounter some exhaustion along the way? That may sound sarcastic and I don't mean it to sound that way. But the analogy holds. Even the best conditioned muscles and nerves give out. Period, paragraph, new book.

Tonsilitis, which I have had before, is a result of an infection. And is treated with antibiotics. I still have my tonsils and adnoids because I would get treated with antibiotics. The tonsils are a part of the immune system. Gone is the old way of removing something just because it gets inflamed. Though some, like our own Snax had to have it because he had abnormally large tonsils that were interfering with everything.

A colleague in my business is having a tonsilectomy because it affected his breathing and he was having bad sleep apnea. By the way, he is also a guitar player and plays in a band on the weekends.

If your tonsils are too big to begin with or are interfering with your breathing, infection or not, that would be another problem. But please remember, I am not a doctor or a voice professional. And you might want to consult an otolaryngologist, someone who specializes in singers. He might support a tonsilectomy.

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