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Advice on what kind of tenor i am? Audio clip included.

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Hey everyone :)

I'm a 19 year old male.

I'm pretty sure i'm a tenor since a lot of people have pointed out that for me.

But i wonder which category i fall in to?

leggero,lyric,spinto,dramatic or heldentenor?

it's really hard to judge my own voice :(

so here's a link to my voice sample :

its a mashup of my parts during a recording session ;


I would be honored for your help.

any comments and critique are also welcome.

Thank you so much in advanced.

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I am not sure if you are tenor as I didn't hear much of the tenor range in there and it was more like lyric baritone, to me.

Then, again, those tessituras are more commonly used in opera singing than in pop singing, such as you are doing. Defintely, you are not helden, not enough weight in the voice for that. Not leggiero. Leggiero is the highest and brightest of the tenors, similar to a soprano coloratura. Think notes above D5, for that. Spinto, maybe. Lyric, most likely. At least in the genre you are singing, which does not really use these descriptions of timbre. I didn't hear a lot of high notes, I don't think I heard anything G4, maybe A4, if that.

Your sound actually made me think of Prince, who is a baritone and he uses falsetto a lot for his high notes. I'm not saying that you are singing falsetto. But your voice reminded me of him.

Have you taken lessons? If so, did your teacher classify you? Also, it can be inaccurate to classify a voice before training it. I am reminded of a guy who was classed as a baritone and failed at it miserably and everyone assumed he just wasn't working hard enough. Then he met with a real opera coach who had him try various exercises and it turned out he was a lyric tenor.

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Thank you so much for the replies!

To dante ;

Ah.. my voice really needs time to develop..

And Yes i was singing in korean. Lol.

Well the reason i wanted to know what voice type i am is because

there's this vocal academy that holds out auditions every year. Its a very nice acedemy for youths and they do musicals, broadway, acapellas , choirs etc. i kinda missed the audition. But recently they re-open the auditions BUT the notice says they're only wanting lyric or spinto tenors.i didnt even know what these terms were until i google them. Lol. And i asked just wanted to know if i qualified. thanks :)

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