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Entertainer's Secret - good, bad, or indifferent?

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Hello everyone.

Am in the process of resolving issues with my throat. Will be getting to an ENT as soon as I can (always a lead time with appointments etc) so I won't go through too many details here until I know what is going on. Currently looking like a gastric reflux related issue.

However in the meantime, what are people's views on Entertainer's Secret? I have bought some, it seems to help a little. Just wanted to make sure no-one knows of any reason I shouldn't use it. (eg - if it was bad for reflux, well, wouldn't be good to use it!) For short term relief, only this, honey either in spoonful or hot drinks, and warm water salt gargle have been the only things I've found positive.

Oh, and I've been on prescription reflux medication for 3 weeks now (the type that reduces stomach acid) - got rid of some troubling chest pains and nausea but not much gain on the burning throat.


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As long as you are using it to relief symptoms and NOT as a way to allow you to sing, its ok. Its better to not cough for example, will help the healing process.

Most of these products have some kind of anesthesic, it can be something as weak as menthol to other stronger stuff. Anesthesics + singing is the worse possible combination for your vocal health, The tickling and discomfort is there for a reason, ignoring or masking it will not fix the problem.

So, as long as you rest, anything that brings relief and is not too extreme will help.

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