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im probably gonna get some shit for this but what the hell... PHARYNGEAL IS NOT NASAL.... :cool:

don't be mad i'm just sayin i've done alot of work on this subject. Its a cackle not a nackle..There that wasnt so hard



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My nose buzzes when I sing.

It has for awhile, maybe I'm too pharyngeal?

I duno, my nose just seems to buzz and it sounds jammed up into my nose.

Any suggestions?

D.Starr: Pinch the nostrils shut. If the sound changes radically, then you are singing through your nose. If the sound does not change radically, then you are fine... you just have a really bright placement.

The sine qua non of this is to record yourself singing this way, and to listen. Regardless of how it feels, if the sound is top-quality, and the range is free, open and even, then that is what is most important.

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