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Singing in key... anomaly.

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I've got a short question.

I am able to sing quite well in key when im singing a song and listening at the same time to the original song from a radio or mp3 player. The problem is: if instead of using an original song as my backing track I would use a karaoke version (without vocals) it would be much harder for me to sing in key. Even if there's an instrument that replaces vocals (playing the same tones vocals do) I find it really hard to sing in key. It's not impossible but it takes much more time for me to learn to sing that song.

Why there's such a difference between karaoke version and original track when talking about ease of singing them? I feel that I am much better in hitting notes when I hear vocals than when I hear instruments. It's easier for me to sync my tones with the tones of vocals rather than instruments.

Do you know why there's such a difference? And how could I fix this?

I'd be grateful for an answer. Thank you :).

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