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Singing karaoke (for me sober, but in general) bad idea?

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My friend and I like to go to a few karaoke nights around our college town, and also participate obviously. The one bar even has songs by Queensryche and other slightly more obscure bands, so he and I basically stick to Journey, Bon Jovi, and Queensryche songs.

Now I don't drink either when I'm there, except for maybe a beer the whole night, because I don't want my voice to crap out on me. But I still find that I tend to push chest than singing in head compared to when I'm practicing (I don't push chest into unhealthy levels, I just don't switch to head early like I usually do) because my head voice is so much lower in volume than my chest voice is, and it sounds like I'm singing in falsetto or just 'weak' to regular ears. I don't have such a volume discrepancy usually, and I'm trying to come up with possible reasons why.

I'm thinking that the mixing isn't perfect (as can be expected) so I find myself singing louder than I usually would in chest voice to hear myself and so others can hear, so then my head voice sounds comparatively weak. If this is the case, should I really do it? It's fun and all, but I'd much rather save my voice in the long haul and wait til I'm performing covers with my band at these same places. Or does anybody else have any tips that they use when they sing karaoke or just have a bad mix? I can ask the guy to adjust it to some degree but he's got the regular joes in mind and we can't spend 10 minutes finding the perfect mix. I may just have to sing more bassy/baritoney songs or drop down an octave, but what's the fun of that haha.

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The karaoke guy should boost the mic gain. A live band is even louder. Then again, when I have sang at a karaoke thing, the person had to drop the mic volume because I can sing loud. Plus, I change mic proximity, something you might try.

Also, most karoake mics are not top quality. For one thing, they are going to get beat up. As well, as you said, the mix set up on the karaoke machine, which will not be as good as a 24 channel FOH board driving either a portale sound system or the club p.a. Totally different scenario. And I have found some karaoke set-ups in a nightclub to be a bit "bassy" in the set-up.

So, the problem is that you can't really hear yourself and end up "pushing" to be heard. Maybe you could motion to the guy to raise the mic volume just a little.

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