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Original 70's style prog rock song, "Athena"

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Dang it, now I cannot get the image of Michael McKeon out of my head.

Or Nigel.

"See, these all go to eleven."

"We've got a stonehenge that is danger of being stepped on by a darwf!"

And a few other quotes I cannot repeat, here.

Well done, George. Awesome, as usual.

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Thanks Ron, I didn't think anyone had noticed my post!

Actually I did miss this one.

I thought that was good. But as Ron eluded to, they're all good. Nicely done. Not my genre but good is good :) Especially considering they're original tunes.

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I've seen "Spinal Tap" way too many times. And that crew was also in the movie "Mighty Wind."

In "Spinal Tap," I like how the drummers keep exploding. This may be comedy but in real life, when a band makes it big, they often can the original drummer. Such as Pete Best of the Beatles, who was the first casualty of record company negotiations.

They tried to do it to Huey Lewis and the News. And the band held firm. They did it to New Bohemians.

They tried to do it to Def Leppard after the drummer lost his arm in an accident. The band pooled their money and hired an engineer to design a drum kit for a man with one arm, and then teach him how to use it. Def Leppard = loyalty, to a fault.

If they never put out another hit album, they rock because of that. But I digress.

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So... here's one Spinal Tap story from 25 years in my past:

I was playing guitar in a rock band, I didn't sing back in those days. We had a big gig coming up in about 3 weeks and our long-term vocalist left the band suddenly, for reasons I cant remember. The bassist volunteered his girlfriend would sing. We were a bit dubious as we played macho rock covers (AC/DC, Rainbow, Rush). She came to practise and unsuprisingly her singing was a bit too feminine for the material. So, we said she should make us a tape of her favourite songs and we would learn them instead. So, the next day we set to learning songs by Judy Tzuke, Kate Bush etc.

She could sing not too badly, but her pitch wandered off on long notes. I didn't much enjoy it, but we were between a rock and a hard place.

On the night of the gig, we were playing Wuthering Heights, and my guitar string broke. I had a spare guitar off-stage and no solo or anything due in the next 30 seconds, so I rushed off to change guitars. In the meantime the rest of the band thought I had walked off in huff about the singers problems with pitch... so they didn't know what to do, and so gradually ground to a halt. I didnt notice this because I was busy plugging in my other guitar, tuning it etc.

Anyway, I walked back on stage hoping to discreetly join back in the song, to arrive just a couple of seconds after the band stopped, and then all eyes in the place (band and audience) looked at me for an explanation of what was happening. I wished for the ground to swallow me up, and then said "let's start again, 2,3,4..". Then the band did start again, some where they had left off and some at the beginning. I cant really remember how it turned out ofter that as I think may brain has managed to block out most of the memory over the years.

I do however remember after the gig that a non-muso friend of mine came up to me and said he like the gig, especially Wuthering Heights. I asked why, and he said because it sounded just like Motorhead. It wasnt meant to. :(

I am pretty sure that this, and many other adventures we had, have been a rich source of material for comedy writers in the years since.


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