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A Modern Vocalist World contest for all singers!!!

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So I had this idea while browsing the topics tonight. Maybe it's been done already, but whatever it might be fun for some of us and frankly I'm curious as to what kind of submissions and ideas are inspired from it.

So... A contest. Below you will find a link to a decently enough recorded and roughly mixed song that I wrote a few years back and never completed. I wrote and played the guitars and bass and programmed the drums. It's a good solid modernish rock song with clean and dirty parts. I like it all well enough but it's a tad, umm, happy or newish for me, and a little too simple, if that makes sense. Not quite as heavy as I typically like to write. Fairly straight forward. No weird tempo changes although the chorus kinda jumps forward in a way. You'll see. Primary key of A throughout, to E during the middle part after the second chorus and back to A. Part of the reason I'm not messing with it further (yet anyway) in fact was its lack of key changes. I could change it if I really wanted to, but I feel like it fit together well enough regardless and left it alone since.

Here's what will make this an original "contest":

This is music you've never heard before. Not only are you going to sing on it, but you are going to have to incorporate your next "pillar" if you will lol, which is creativity and musicianship. Your version of art. After you download it you get to name it, write the lyrics, the patterns/melodies, harmonies, etc. it's all on you. It'll be a little bit of work. But I think many of you will agree its the good kind of work :)

So a few rules.

1) I'd like you to download it and write your parts and submit it BEFORE you listen to anyone else's submissions. Yeah that's tough I know. I think that it would give you a chance to be creative without someone else's submission tainting your creativity. If you listen to someone else's version first, then it's no longer a song you've never heard. Make sense?

2) The music remains my sole intellectual property. The lyrics are yours. Dont let me hear this song on your next album without my consent lol although i would prob think it was cool. You are, however, welcome to use it for whatever else, band audition CD, kareoke, whatever. If you use it and land a gig, let me know. That would be cool to me.

3) Be creative. Record your first ideas as you get them, but dont set them in stone. Play around with ideas. Dont forget to incorporate melodies, harmonies, mumble tracks, screams, whatever strikes you. Art trumps technique this time so dont be afraid to scream if you feel the need, But this is a vocal forum so try to do what you can within your range and ability. Twang it up! Show off if you want, but remember the "less is more" rule... try to make it fit.

4) Judging? I'm open to ideas here. Maybe have those that dont compete do the judging? Or maybe dont judge at all? Whatever.

5) Critique other peoples submissions, but be nice, helpful, positive. The idea is to help people out, not insult anyones vision or abilities.

I'm assuming you'll need to load the file into a multitrack program like Sonar or Protools or whatever is free if you dont have those (I used Sonar to record the tracks) and then layer and mix it down from there. Be aware of your mix. We want to hear it, but not overpowering everything. A little reverb goes a long way. Dont wash yourself out. The song is pretty dry (maybe entirely dry I cant remember) so if you sound like you're in a cavern its gonna sound silly.

Thats all I can think of, for now. I'm sure there will be more to add later.

This is the first time I've used this box.com thing that everyone else seems to be using so I hope it worked correctly. If not, I'll have to try something different later on.


https://www.box.com/s/5403166775b5148fa579 New link, original link was wrong I think. Sorry!

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Likewise, if one of us comes up with lyrics and vocal melody, that is also shared songwriting credits. You may have copyright of the music without lyrics and vocal melody and that would be it. Meaning that if you like the lyrics and vocal melody and want to put it on an album, whoever sings it also gets songwriting credit and royalties. Bidness is bidness.

Otherwise, you would have already written lyrics and vocal melody and would simply be looking for a demo singer.

I've kind of steered clear of similar posts in the "vocalist available" section for just that reason. Someone has a song they don't know how to sing. Wants a singer to "come up with something." And then what? Is it going on an album? Is it being pitched to an established artist?

In a regular song demo, the demo singer gets paid for his efforts. Either a flat fee per song. Or a union scale wage for 3 hours, whether that is recording one song or six.

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I figured there would be a lot of interest, or none. Looks like none.

I'm not looking for anyone to "come up with something". I can come up with my own stuff and usually like my own ideas better. I could easily have someone local sing my ideas too. ;)

It was just a fun idea, or at least I thought. Not everyone has the opportunity to do something like this and put forth more than just an attempt at copying someone else's work. Not all singers write music or have been in bands where they can attempt to do their own thing instead of trying to be someone else. Just thought someone might enjoy the challenge.


Oh well.

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And there was no "business" here, and talking wages? Actually I'm a bit offended at what you're implying. If you can't take a stab at something that might prove fun and challenging then go on somewhere. Simple as that.

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Hey there!

I too have downloaded the song and I really like it. I'm very new here on the forum, and at writing my own stuff (even though the basis is your stuff :P) so we will see if some kind of inspiration hits me or not. Regardless, the song is really nice!

Hopefully we will see, or hear, some interesting alternatives.



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I didn't mean to offend you, Paul. You brought up the "business." With the song remaining your intellectual property, i.e., copyright protection, as it were.

As for shared credits, etc., what I spoke of was standard in the industry. True, there are plenty of excellent singers who do not write most of their own stuff. Tim McGraw records songs written by others. And the song comes complete with lyrics and vocal melody. If he had to contribute the vocal melody and lyrics, he would get songwriting credit, shared with the original songwriter.

Again, like I said, I wouldn't have thought of the business if you had not mentioned intellectual property. That is a legal term and implies business law, etc. And I wasn't trying to discourage anyone from trying this experiment. I might still try it, myself, just for the exercise.

Then, again, as you have said, you usually like your ideas better. Which means, just as likely, you would not use someone else's ideas. But it could be a neat exercise for each of us, whether we u/l and share, or not.

Again, not trying to be a snot, even if it seems that way.

You have a lot of rules, telling us how to mix. Then "judging"? I fairly despise "talent competitions" and people are here to learn, rather than compete. At least I think so. And I should probably shut up now.

People like me better when I shut up. :lol:

I do expect you to agree with the last sentence.

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I was just giving ideas on mixing it. I do realize that the general mix is kind of dirty guitar heavy and far from perfect, but that's what I did for about 7 years. Mixed and produced for local bands. The worst thing someone can do is bury everything in a cavern of reverb on their demos and home recordings except when something in particular calls for it. I was just trying to be helpful with that suggestion. It's hard to mesh a vocal into a songs mix anyway even when all the elements are right and working together, and since there's no way to open a general room ambience for each track that's the same as the vocals, it'll be extra tough to make it sit right. I also suggest a compressor or leveler to smooth out the loud spots and bring the quieter passages up so they don't get buried. A 3.1 ratio with a medium fast attack and release would be a good place to start most time. I've had good luck using plugs like Waves L1 for that. It can really smash and level and make punchy but it's easy to go overboard.

As far as judging, maybe that comes off as too harsh. I just feel like by calling it a contest or judging might inspire someone to be more competitive and creative. There is no prize to speak of so it's not much of a contest anyway.

Maybe someone's idea will be so good that someone will hear it and offer us a cool mil for it. That would be a good prize, no? Lol

If so, everyone one the forum gets a new Michael Joly modded Oktava mic. :) I have one and it's awesome.

Just to reiterate though, I don't expect anything out of this and I don't intend to use anything of anyone's to complete the song.

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I stink at mixing. When possible, I get someone else to mix for me. I tend to mix as little as possible for myself. I've tried various strategies and they pretty much garble it. Of course, having others mix for you, you must trust their aesthetic. For they might value things differently than you or I would.

Even the big names have preferences. "Mutt" Lange has a particular sound to his productions. So, does Prince, who does a lot of producing these days.

It is said that the engineer can only mix what tracks are given to him. But I think it is a two-way street. Mixing really requires a good ear, separate from one's singing ability. And, like a movie director editing the dailies, you really have to get cut-throat on yourself. Some treasured moments will wind up in the recycle bin because they just don't fit.

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Haha wow! You did some editing/pasting too!

I dig it. I like how you cut loose and got a little more aggressive on the second chorus.

Unfortunatly I had to listen over my cell phone first pass. I'll get a better listen here in a little while.

Sounds like you had some good range going on there.

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Had some fun with it today! Hope you like it :D


I suggest Frozen Core as title.

Horrible site to try and listen to a song. You should get box or soundclick. Or anything else that doesn't require you to make and account in order to listen to it...

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geno tnx for your words and for listenning, really appreciate it :)

keith, tnx for the tip. I didnt realize that 4shared was asking for a login to listen to it! here goes:


Nice powerful voice you have, and I like the direction you took the song! Great job bro!


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Awsome work! Too bad you made me break the rule of listening before uploading though :P

Well, I still have my ideas prior to listening, so there might still be a possibility that I upload something in the future.

Well done!

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I just got a chance to listen to this Felipe. Very good, I was impressed. Maybe it's your name. For some reason I didn't expect you to be a rock singer :D I don't know why. Very good on those high notes.

Good job man :)

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I've been real busy at work and haven't been to the coach in awhile. Close to 2 months. I may go back there again soon...we'll see.

They are using my recording of "Georgia On My Mind" that I posted here in their "testimonials" section of their new website. They are kind of taking credit for coaxing that song out of me. :D Hey...that song was all me!!!!

LOL....no matter. Use it however you want I say. It doesn't hurt me any. It can only be a good thing.

But I think I got more out of my own studies than I got out of her.

Once again. Great job on that song man. I'd like to take a swat at it myself but lack the time to put into lyrics.

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I wanted to listen, Felipe. According to the rules, I should not, mainly so that I will not be influenced by what you did, which can easily happen.

I'll have to give the backing track a listen and see what happens.

Edited to add:

I have downloaded the wav. I still have not listened to Felipe's version. I went with what the progression sounded like to me and what thoughts were running through my head. Which ought to scare anyone. I will record in a little while. Have to run some errands, first. But I've got lyrics already done. I shall be criticised, either way, for it took me all of about 10 minutes to think of lyrics and an arrangement of vocal melody. Although, I could blame it on you Paul, for writing such a strong song. Sometimes, things just come together.

When I am done, shall I post here, as did Felipe?

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