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Resonant tracking

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Hey all, I have a question(s) concerning resonant tracking.

From what I've read I've understood from owning and using the Four Pillars system, resonant tracking is a medium mass phonation. I also understand that "light mass phonation is king", and I personally agree with that statement from experimenting and using the program.

But the track and release exercises, according to the book should be done in a light mass formation. Is this possible, considering that the tracking is well, resonant tracking? Or should I start off with a fry into the resonant tracking? Or should I go from a medium to light mass when going from track to release? Also, in general such as when practicing onsets, should I also start out with a fry? It seems like in the videos for onsets or the beginning of the sirens, Robert seems to start with a fry but pretty much immediately go into resonant tracking, or is that "light" resonant tracking?

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