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Crap!! I blew out my voice. Don't do what I just did!

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I've been working on a strenuous song that requires chesty head voice including some very bright - "EE's" up above C5. These types of songs take me a while to learn. They tire me out pretty fast. My strategy on these types of songs is to take breaks - like days or a week in-between practicing it. (I'll practice other things in the mean time) Then, as the song becomes easier, I'll shorten up the intervals of rest. Like every other day. This is a great strategy and has worked like a charm on difficult songs. But....

I had a personal goal to get this done before Summerfest and I started practicing every day. I over-did-it yesterday. And I knew it - I knew I should have taken the day off. But I got overconfident. I pushed myself too hard. Now I have the "lump in the throat" and the "weak speaking voice that cracks" thing going on.

Now I will rest - no singing - for an undetermined amount of time. Could be 1 or 2 weeks - could be longer.


Here's the song "Kansas Song For America" as I first recorded it - before I really started working on it. The vocals start at 3:25 and then again toward the end at 8:00.

(link acting weird for me - doubles up)


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Dante - Thanks for chiming in. It was the day before when I was practicing that song and I went through it a couple times going over the high phrases a few times. I was fatigued as expected, but not hurt. So yesterday I went through my usual exercises - pretty much like normal - semi occludes to C6 - Octave chest to head up to C6 no problems really but the C6 wasn't great. And then I followed up with Che ge li da manina. That aria always relaxes me. But the high C5 was a little tight - from the workout the day before I thought. Then I started on this song again and it was tighter than normal. I should have stopped. I tried working through it.

This morning woke up with the lump and weaker speaking voice that cracks. At this point I typically rest and any vocalizing seems to delay my recovery.

I can sing pure "oo" no problem in head voice. I just tried some semi occludeds up into head voice - sounds good - no break. My technique is better now and maybe I'll recover faster.... I'm hoping. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought.. I spoke too fast.. now I have a little lump feeling from those semi occludeds. I don't know any rehab exercises - do you have any recommendations?

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that's a tough piece! can't hear it too well.

may i offer a few that they gave me when i fought through the polyp?

get out the steamer, steam twice a day, every day

use tize's straw exercises

gentle humming and buzzing

lip bubbles (or any semi occuded one)

the lump like something's stuck in your throat? ...possibly reflux?

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