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raised my range from F to A flat ... is it too strained?

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Hi... I used to sing up to F and then I kept pushing and got to G, but sometimes singing Unchained melody was risky when i needed to hit the G. Then I kept pushing and pushing to go higher. I got to a C even, but I knew I couldn't use the C but it would make the notes below it more achieveable.

So I put a link where I recorded a song that goes to A flat, but is it ok or too strained.

I have a phrase from a song that I use .... its a four chord pattern for an exercise to raise my pitch. if anybody is interested.



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From what I hear you have a wonderful mix. However, some high notes were good, some were a little harsh. Listen to it and you can hear the high notes in the beginning have the most balance, but skip towards the end and the notes are getting a bit harsher. Not a huge deal, but something you might want to work on. It's a good rendition.

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