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Strange Resonance

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all the advice on my last thread. Alot of it was stuff Ive heard before but it helped put things into perspective.

My question today is somewhat more specific. The other day when I was at karaoke with a friend, I was doing some vocal fry screams (which ive been doing alot in my band and Im used to) when I randomly tried using the same sensation to sing cleans. I noticed I got a very different sound than when I normally sing. It my voice feel brighter and gave it a kind of edgy rasp at the same time. When I held my breath in the right spot it also seemed to relieve tension as I sang.

The next day after karaoke I took some time trying to replicate what I did the night before and was to some degree successful. Though it was hard to understand what I was doing and if I was using probably vocal technique. It almost felt as if I was singing to the back of the throat somewhere around the soft palate. I also noticed that if I mentally lifted my nose the tone became clearer. Pitch also seemed to come out a little better as well.

When I usually sing (and it may just be Im singing with bad technique) I feel the air pressure moving forward to vibrate the area around my nasal cavities. This seems to work alright if I sing in a lower bassier voice. But for what Im going for something has always felt off.

I know this is alot to digest. And I will post examples of both resonances but for now I would like to better understand what it is Im doing. And which is more correct or not.

I always find it interesting when I learn to do something with my voice but it often confuses the heck out of me...:(

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