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An Original - Critique on song and singing

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's a good song with good singing. Excellent feel to the whole thing. I like the whole "soup can" mix to the vocal track. Seems to fit and counteract the bassiness of the instruments. Nothing wrong with your singing and you should be recording an album, already. Seriously. You already have what it takes.

As for the reason for no reply from others, that has to do with genre. You didn't get any comments because it's not heavy metal or heavy metal opera. If you did a cover of Helloween or Kamelot or Iced Earth, or something "hard" like that, then you would have too many replies to address in one reply post.

That's just the way it is. I've posted a few songs that never received a comment, good or bad. One was a lesser known but beautiful song from the J. Geils Band. Not one comment. Not "you stink," not "good job," not "make your voice do this widget control and stand on one leg while computing the cosine of the hypotenuse in order to sound like Joe Cocker if he was trying to sound like Neil Young ...", etc, ad infinitum.

It just wasn't a song that anyone was interested in commenting on. Which might be a good thing. They heard it, liked it, found nothing they could criticize and left it, at that. Some only comment if they think something needs criticism.

We've got a great blues singer here and I and one other person are the only ones to comment on his submissions with regularity. Because it blues instead of operatic heavy metal.

I once did a country song and got one reply, thankfully it was positive. Others wouldn't even touch it. It was country and not heavy metal, not even my comfort zone of Led Zep songs.

In addition, surprisingly, many people are busy with their own vocal work and unless the song really stands out to them, it won't warrant their time. Which is nothing against your songwriting skills, which are excellent. I guarantee if your name was Bruno Mars, they would comment, because he is already famous. So, what you have to do is go out and be the next Bruno Mars, which I expect you will be, if you get off your butt and start recording and producing and pushing your stuff.

The only thing you are guilty of is presenting an R & B - ish folk song in a venue populated by hard rock and heavy metal singers.

Or, they just didn't see it and thanks to the sheer tonnage of new posts, it got pushed down in the new thread screen by the time they logged on.

You are good. Add some more instrumentation to this, get it copyrighted, start distributing it, get a tour deal going.


Edited to add:

I just had another thought. If you ain't got the guts to make this national, keep this demo as is and market it to someone like Daryll Hall or Hall and Oates management. This is something in line with what they do.

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Wow. Thanks for the kind words :). I never thought that anyone would say that I should put this song out. I have been thinking about putting out an album, but I want to get a few more songs together first. I have a bit of writer's block. I've never been a big lyrics person, but I'm trying to change that.

I guess I've never really noticed that this site is metal oriented. I don't browse too deeply. I've always thought that this section of the forum would be filled with covers of difficult-to-sing songs or originals. I agree with your reasons, and have actually been guilty of some of them. Thank you again for responding, and with such strong opinions (in a good way).

P.S. I've asked friends to classify the genre of this song, and I sort of like your description of R&B/folk. However, I would say it's more R&B/alternative/indie, and maybe some pop in there. I like trying to classify genres of "odd" songs.

P.S.S. The soup can mix with the vocals were unintentional. It's merely a byproduct my crappy headset that I used to record the vocals, haha.

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