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Vocal Fry

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First of all I want to say I am just starting out trying to train myself to sing. I have no adult-age experience of singing except humming along to songs when nobody is around and about 10 minutes of singing scales every 2 weeks during a 5 month period when I studied music theory. But I have been reading up a bit recently.

Anyways, I am very interested in learning more about how to sing to rock and other heavier music. I figured learning singing before experimenting with more extreme vocal styles would be beneficial. But I am already looking a little into "Vocal Fry". As far as I can understand it modern vocalists use "Vocal fry" to make their voice gravelly, like when singing in grunge, post hardcore etc.

Now, the instructions on fry I have found are a little unclear. I can make the fry sound as described by making a sound with very little air. Then you are supposed to just "add" that to your normal singing voice. What are the mechanisms behind this? When you sing, you use more air than when doing fry, so how do you use more air and less air at the same time?

Example: If I sing a normal note and then reduce the air flow i eventually make the fry sound. But how do I reduce the airflow (for the fry effect) and keep the normal airflow (for the sung note) at the same time??

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lavel, stop and reconsider how you are approaching the matter.

What you aim for is a high demanding kind of usage of your voice. Even for someone already trainned who can use such effects without creating stress on the folds, abusing it is a dangerous road. Aiming for it out of nothing is a road to disaster.

The first step is to learn well how to use your clean voice without stress and strain, as even clean singing, done improperly can cause damage.

Once you have your voice behaving well and free, the room to experiment will be there, and a simple change in your intention will create the result you are after.

The best way for me, is to use a relaxing movement translated into more projection than what a posture can handle in clean voice. Feels good, and is very comfortable.

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