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Felipe Carvalho - Like a Stone (Audioslave cover)

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Felipe Carvalho

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Hey guys!

Been working on this song to study the interpretation line, just found that although it look simple, its just the looks, Chris Cornell is god \m/.

Anyways, here goes nothing:


2 takes, one before, one after the solo.

Let me know what you think please!

PS: The misplaced back vocals on the end are not mine, so dont shoot me. :P

Tnx a lot for listenning :D

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Wow! What the hell is going on this week? All these great singers are just coming out of the woodwork. I'm beginning to sink low in my seat. I'm tempted to delete all my songs :D

That was damn good Felipe. I didn't hear a single thing wrong with it.

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I wish karaoke tracks came WITHOUT backing vocals. For a few reason. First, they are tonally not with the song. Second, they are often autotuned. Third, they are often place where whoever created the track thinks they ought to go.

You started out sounding like it was an aria. But, after the solo, you relaxed and got a little closer to the loose and melancholy feel that Chris has in the song. Great job.

Speaking of the guitar solo, would it have hurt them to punch it up a little bit? The original gives me goose bumps and has a great 70's feel. This one could have been done on a casio portable. But, we get what we get.

In my opinion, your great voice made this karaoke track better.

On the plus side, I liked the drums in here but they were probably programmed by the recording engineer, who is usually a drummer that could not make it big but knows how make the song beat like a heart.

And I am rambling.

Good stuff, Felipe.

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ronws tnx for the details man, Ill review the first section, my intention was to bring the same feel to the song doing my thing, so something is not working, more study is due :D

About the backing vocals, I agree, the track would be much better without them.

About the solo, well, I wont really blame who made the track, I can count in my fingers the number of times Ive seem Tom Morello solos well executed... It actually made me wish that there was no solo there haha, as you say, Casio Tonebank tone.

Olem, I really appreciate your comment man, this band is a huge influence to me, really kind words, thank you :D

geno, tnx a lot, I remember a few years ago, before trainning, the struggle it was to even get through this song, or better saying scream it out.

Everyone huge tnx for listenning. :D

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