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What am I doing? (Possibly twang?)

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I've been recently reading CVI material while experimenting on my own and I've begun to focus on this sensation that ive been messing with. I THINK its related to CVIs twang but I'm not completely sure.

The best way I can describe how I obtain it is I imagine the back of my throat is like a finger and i am curving it up or down.

When I curve it upward I get a kind of hard vocal fry and when I pull it back I get a high toned (twang? fry?)

If I pull back far enough I feel like the back of my throat is opened and if I do a siren in that position I can go up to c#5 with no tension.

I feel like im on the verge of something big but there's still so much I'm so confused about.

If any one has any good advice I would very much appreciate it.

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Trying to describe your voice in words is a slippery business ;) best to post an audio clip so people can give you the best feedback possible. Hunt around and see what other sites people are using to upload their stuff, such as soundcloud, then you will get better feedback. Hope this helps.

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