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Robert Lunte

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I liked them both but I have a slight preference for the earlier one. The outtakes, of course.

And awesome duet with you and Alessandro on your own original, "Blue Rain."

I had only heard the studio version, before.

Watch out for flying t-shirts .....

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I also meant to add that I liked your solo performance in front of the class. And the outtakes showed you still working on things after the class has left. That is dedication.

I don't know, so much, that there is a comparison. Even though Daniel shows some of his basic get-out-of-bed warm-ups, it's mostly a day in the life of a professional, paid singer on the road, sometimes quite literally,

And yours is about a jet-setting vocal instructor teaching his craft across the world. I don't think one is better than the other. Perhaps, they are complimentary.

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