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Vocal lessons make my particular voice disappear, right or wrong?

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Hi everybody!

I'm Rudy, 27 from Italy.

I've always loved to sing and I've been singing basically since I was a little kid.

2 years ago I started to play guitar thus I decided to clean and train my voice in a more structured manner. I've been using one of those approaches that teaches you how to find that "middle" voice, between chest and head (please pardon my lack of technical terms).

The fundamental issue is that, during the training, my voice is, someway, more "versatile" and smooth but I simply don't like what I hear and how I sing... it feels sort of fake.

My natural vocal tone is very similar to Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart or Bryan Adams' one (even if when I sing Adams' songs I perceive a kind of forced falsetto, dunno how to explain better). I really don't know if there's a technical term for this kind of vocal tone. For example in the song "Guilty" by Blue I comfortably sing the main verse in an almost identical way to the singer. Anyway... I think you got my kind of voice (I'll attach an MP3 as soon as I have more time).

My vocal range should be from a low F3 to a high E6.

Now when I do the exercises during the training my voice looses that quality and becomes more "susbtantial" and fuller, but, as I said I loose all the expressive quality.

Is this a common issue? Is it possible to continue to train without loosing one's own particular colour?

Thanks everybody

best wishes to you all


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