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Major Personal Breakthrough

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I would like to share and get some feedback on what I feel has been a major breakthrough in my singing.

To start off, ive often been told that I have a good voice, but I've had consistant problems with pitch and a lack of tone and resonance. To try an improve on these things, over the past year, I've spent alot of times studying through different programs and reading forums such as this. While I've had a few minor improvements, my voice still seemed like it was off pitch and even if I hit the pitch it was lacking that special something good singers have.

It was finally when I started looking more closely at CVI material that I began to start to find more control over my voice, particularlly with my mouth. At first I had alot of issues with fixing the tension in my tounge and my jaw but after practicing day after day I eventually found a sweet spot on my tounge to resonate the note.

Now, I don't know if this is usually where people sing/speak and I've had a speech impediment all my life but until recently I was singing in way in which the note would come towards the front of tounge. On top of that, my tounge was not in a relaxed position. But after following the sensation of lifting the back on the tounge and anchoring the front while being concious about vowel sounds my tone has almost completely changed. I sound MUCH more on pitch and profressional sounding than I ever have before. I had been struggling my tone for soo long that this has taken alot of weight off my shoulders.

Now, I just have to get used to modifying vowels and working in more metallic modes to add some edge when I sing live.

Has anybody had any similar experiences or have any idea what I'm talking about?

I have pretty sever ADHD Inattentive so sorry if my writing is all over the place.:cool:

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