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Amazing vocal technique.

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Powerful live rendition of Hero (she upped a key here, awesome G5 belted in full chest voice @ 3:22!)


Underneath The Stars


Live performance of "Forever" (many many belts)

Her vocal technique here is flawless, she has full resonance and projection in all her belts and yet do not sound like she is screaming or whining unlike most of the singers now when they try to hit the high notes. Many female singers have attempted to belt out similarly but they only sound horribly whiny and screechy like a screaming cat, atrocious :rolleyes:!

Definitely her unique melisma tone, powerful belts and usage of whistle register sets her apart from all other female vocalists, even until now, no one can ever mimic her voice.

Even today popular singers like Beyonce, Adele, etc have vocals that are easily mimicked by any trained vocalist.

Just look at the crowd going crazy for her :D

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