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can I sing? I need your opinions! :-D

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Hey guys, I finally have had the guts to upload some videos to youtube, but I want your guys opinion.. because I don't trust my friends to be totally honest with me! it's not really a "rock" song I'm singing but maybe you guys could tell me if I have a good voice for rock?

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Niiiice man :).

Sounding good, you got a lot going on the right direction already. For the first question, you are sounding very nice, and its fitting the song well.

Now, speaking of technique. Although this song is rather linear, you could use a little more freedom to play around with dinamics, and on the parts where it goes up a little bit, your voice openned and you lost the focal point completely, which kinda killed the feeling of security you were bringing all along. A few seconds into the song and it really felt like you were going to nail the whole thing down like a breeze.

One thing that will work immediately and improve the interpretation: whenever you have repetitions, like It was only a kiss, It was only a kiss. Make them contrast, chose either melody, metric or dinamic and make them different.

For the technical problems see a coach/teacher, a very good one, and work on technique. Just keep in mind that this freedom you have on the lower parts of this song should remain, its a great reference already.


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Hi Corin,

I'd echo what Felipe said. You sound great until you get to the high parts, which are a little strained. This isn't something that's always something that's apparent to someone who doesn't have singing training, so your friends may honestly not have noticed this and in their view, you sound just fine.

Basically, you need to learn the proper technique to sing those high notes. Almost everyone who gives you feedback on this forum will tell you the exact same thing, because all of them have either had to learn this or are in the process of learning it right now. Learning to sing high notes and various things related to it are probably the most discussed subject on this forum.

The quickest way to learn is to take a couple lessons from somebody (like the owner of this forum) who knows what they're doing. A good teacher can put you on the right path in just a few lessons. If you're really serious about becoming a singer it's well worth the money. If you don't have the money it's well worth saving up for until you get it.

And if you don't have the means right away, take a look at the discussions in this forum and ask questions. There's a lot of knowledgeable people on here who can give you great advice on how to get started on singing higher notes. There's also some bad advice on here, unfortunately, and part of the reason it takes longer to learn on your own is deciphering the good from the bad. But if you use some common sense as well as some trial and error, the discussions here can be a great resource.

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corin, if i may offer a suggestion....

become very familiar with the lyrics so you can get into the telling of the story and the strong emotions within those lyrics.

this is particularly important in a song like this which has little tonal fluctuation to help.

really identify and submerge yourself and your heart in those lyrics, and watch the song come to life.

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