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Mic positioning for singers

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I always see Youtube singers use condenser mics in various positions.

How big of a difference does it make?

Are there bad positions we should avoid?

I saw this video:

I think the most common positions I see are:

Vertical position

Vertical position (upside-down)

Tilted towards or away from you (maybe 20 to 30 degree angle)

Sometimes I see them use pop filters.

Other times they don't.

What do you use and why?

I have a Electro Voice N/D 767a dynamic mic and MXL V67G condenser mic.

They both sound really good to me. In general, I prefer the condenser mic.

When you sing with a dynamic mic, it has to be relatively close (proximity effect)

and it feels like you're singing "into" the mic. It makes me a little self-conscious.

With a condenser, it almost seems magical because you can sing from a distance

and it picks up everything. It makes me feel like I'm singing to another person

right next to me.


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Depends on what you are doing.

If recording with a condenser mic, position the mic even with the bridge of your nose and slightly angled down, rather than singing right into it.

Dynamic mic, recording, I would suggest the same, it's just better for loud notes and sounds, that way.

Live, dynamic mic, depending on the pick-up pattern, in front of the mouth, about 6 inches.

In fact, pick-up pattern of the mic being used really ought to be the determining factor of how it is positioned.

My brother should chime in. He's an expert at recording and using mics.

I barely know how to click on "record."

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Humm I have a few around here, right now using a Beta 57 that I used to track snare drums. Used also a Beta 58 and a Sm 58. Positioning when close miking vocals does not make much of a difference, front of the mouth should and will be the more faithfull translation of the sound you are making.

But, I agree there is value in it.

Big condensers are nice to track singers that are not so used to recording and may be nervous. You make this fancy set-up, with a pop filter, a shinning huge mic, an alien style positioning, and some nice wire colors and go like:

"Man, you will love what this mic will do with your voice, do not even wory too much, just relax and sing it and it will be awesome". Magic introduced, and there, you have much more chances of getting the best out of him.

On some rock, brute force approach singers, large condensers with high sensibility are not good choices. Too much noise will be present and you risk damaging the mic. Sm58 is my choice in these cases.

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