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Critique and mic reccomendations please

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:) Hi guys, if you would kindly have a little listen to my voice and

Let me know areas to improve (many I'm sure). I would also really

appreciate any mic recommendations for using live in a grunge/rock

band (that I haven't started yet :-) )



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Aha! I expecting grunge when I listened to the recording you posted but got soft stuff instead.

Good tuning and enunciation.

You sound a little 'contrived' to me, singing over-soft and throaty for my taste. Also, I wonder how do you sound on loud stuff (rock!), I supect the approach you used for this will only work on softer stuff.

As for mics, it depends on your budget. At the entry level Shure SM58 is a sort of industry standard and a good starting place. The Senneheiser E845 is a very similar mic, which I use myself if I do live work, however most of my own singing is home recording for which I use a large diaphragm condensor, which unsuitable for live work.

The recording you posted of you singing and playing guitar is fairly good quality, do you have decent equipment already?

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Hey mate, thanks for the response. That is pretty much my

Voice tbh. I guess I tread a fineline between sounding contrived

and natural. Must've overstepped the mark on that one tho that is generally what

my voice sounds like. Will post record some more vox in a couple of days, louder vox.

That was actually recorded on my iPod with an £8 mic, the acoustics in my kitchen are pretty

good I guess?!

Sm58 might be the way to go to start then, I heard they were pretty standard issue on the

"live scene"

Thanks again, will post some more vox this weekend :-)

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