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What kind of distortion is Boyce Avenue using & what am I doing

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2:55 -->

Especially "the WAY you AAAARE" etc are so interesting, it's very light distortion. Right now I can only do throat singing-kind of false cord distortion which is way too rough for pop songs.

5:19 -->

I mean, it sounds amazing with rock and stuff because it's so mean sounding and I can do pretty harmless screams with it too, like this (recorded yesterday through PA), but again, it's way too rough.

Now, what's the trick with that light distortion? I mean, it doesn't even sound like he's twanging or anything. Also, I can only do that throat singing grit in the lower part of my voice, so there must be a bit different technique to achieving high distortion too? Twanging only seems to activate my false folds and almost cut off the sound when I'm doing it on high notes.

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First guy is doing creaking (light distortion), second guy is doing false fold distortion.

There are many ways to do creaking. One way is to gradually increase the cry and the volume at the same time (while keeping a constant relaxed throat and use almost no air at all).

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