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Falsetto problems. I need help!

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Over the years I have witness my falsetto voice diminishing. Now falsetto is hard for me to do but it's much more than that. First of all Vowels like 'eh' are extremely hard to do in falsetto almost non existent. I'm stronger on 'ee' and 'oo' vowels but they are weak. 'Ah' vowel would be next after 'ee' and 'oo' in ability. I also find that I can produce a better falsetto with my mouth almost closed but as soon as I open it in normal singing embouchure I lose the falsetto function. Now here is were it gets a little confusing. I seem to want to prefer making a more heavier falsetto sound like reinforced falsetto or more twangy sound over a pure falsetto sound as in that type of sound is easier for me to make. However I can't sustain that sound for too long and so I begin to lose it. Once that is gone then any falsetto sound I could produce is then lost and it becomes even harder for me to do falsetto. The main issue foe me though is if I'm using my modal voice and I am singing quite big, in terms of pitch and/or volume then falsetto diminishes also and I lose that function. I've tried working on falsetto and at times it feels like I'm making progress, but the minute I start using my full voice I lose falsetto again and in the long wrong it seems I make no progress. Highly frustrating!!!! Now my problem is i'm on a working contract where I need to sing Smooth Criminal and with my temperamental falsetto i'm not confident that the sound I want will come out. i'm actually quite scared.

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This is the kind of situation you definitely want to consult a professional voice teacher or maybe a voice pathologist or whatever they're called.

I don't know any of the latter, but for voice teachers that could help you with this, definitely check out Rob Lunte, Phil Moufarrege, Ken Tamplin, Jaime Vendera, Dan Formica, Felipe Carvalho - any of them you can do lessons via skype - a few lessons with a coach of that caliber, addressing these issues, should set you back on the right path.

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