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OK, I'll post another one, better recorded. 

Now, around 1:35, don't you hear the overtone? Granted, it's not over the top noticeable like in some of these videos, but I can make out two different pitches in the vocals. Chris does it again around 1:50. Again, notice the distorted lower tone and cleaner upper tone. 

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Hi muffinhead,

unfortunately this video cannot be seen in Germany due to YouTubes censoring (YT would have to pay a little fee for the artist according to German law).

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Both videos are not available in Germany. But I was in Belgium yesterday :)
Yes, there is some kind of overtone singing effect there. But it's probably not concious overtone singing. He uses a lot of electronic effects, it sounds very much like that. If you look at the new version of Melodyne it seems that overtone singing can be simulated by software manipulation of normal singing.

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EEasiest way to Find Subharmonics, that I've found. 

1. Sit back on recliner

2. Recline and tilt head back

3. Completely relax throat, head, and body

4. Take deep breath with diaphragm/ release half the air

5. Close vocal chords (swallow and maintain them closed)

6. Use the vowel "ee", on the most natural (not deep) SOUND (not note), that comes out 

7. As you open them slowly, release the air from stomach (sigh softly)

8. If your still can't hear it, try adding more or less air gradually, and make sure you are 100% relaxed. 

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