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Technique Training vs Singing  

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  1. 1. The Biggest Challenge When Transitioning from Technique Training to Singing Is?

    • Keeping the lyrics from not over modifying.
    • Not running out of respiratory support.
    • Staying connected through my passaggio (vocal break).
    • Staying connected in the Head Voice (M2).
    • Keeping the Formant tuned (singing vowels) when transitioning to lyrics.
    • Singing in correct pitch (matching frequency).
    • Maintaining strong modal voice musculature (M1/Belts/Chest)
  2. 2. I always warm-up with vocal workouts before I sing?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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Please participate in this poll... this "Poll" post has been opened up for discussion as well...


That statistic on warming up is interesting.... almost 50/50.

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Hi Drucifer,


But then it wouldn't have as much objectivity. People would just click "all of the above" and not put thought into it. For the poll to have value, people need to be forced to prioritize with the options. That makes it more objective and interesting.

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Because I know how to properly do a Poll?  lol... ok... but seriously, thanks... I frickin work hard on it every day... I am a great coach... I think I have to confess... working on trying to become as good of a singer and human being as I am a coach... its a life journey... but thanks.  Do you have "The Four Pillars of Singing"?

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