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It's cool to have operatic performance on here. It might be easier if you link more directly ot the recording page on the site, as I had to hunt a bit, which might deter others. It's a cool, rich, and deep voice. I'm not very familiar with dissecting classical voice being a rock n roll guy. I'm just a guy that sings, so I can't approach you from a standpoint of expertise as it is both foreign and you are more skilled at it than I am.


The Tchaikovsky piece is a great composition and I can feel an emotional connection to your performance. I don't know if you have any room for embellishment, but either the original composition really pushes my buttons or you're riding it in a good way.


Deep River had great singing, but it connected a bit less with me. Probably just a compositional thing.


Pokarekare is beautiful in the blend of voices. I take it you're the one in my right headphone? Your intonation is spot on and this piece is just beautiful. I think it may be the most moving yet, with the varying waver of the vibratos, they sound very tender.


Megeru is great as well. When you do choiral works is it in just intonation or equal temperament? It sounds really pure in pitch.


You've made me realize I need to listen to Tchaikovsky and classical choiral works more often. So know you were heard and you touched one listener. I hope you find success and thank you for posting here and giving us a window into your world.

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