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Bon Jovi's 'Keep the Faith' :)

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8tor, haha valeu velhinho! Obrigado pelo elogio e pela simpatia! Será muito bem vindo, quando quiser! Abraços!

Bono, thanks for the words! But I have to say there's absolutely nothing I can do since this is MY voice. By the way, better than any useless method you could find (or sometimes buy...) on internet, I teach my pupils to open their ears and catch any fragment of the others singing voices, as Felipe can tell about. For example, listen how I sing "for my anger" and then listen to Jon's voice. There's a huge diference and it could never be done if I was worring about mimic and not about technique. Another thing I work in classes is about to choose songs that fits well in voice tone, musical language and actual skills of the singer. You can realize, if you'd listen to me singing Iron Maiden, that I don't sound even close to Bruce's voice, but I can do it reasonably easy with my own voice and technique. Thanks again! Regards!

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