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The Modern Vocalist World Forum was created for singers around the world by The Vocalist Studio International, founded by Robert Lunte. We invite you to enjoy this service. Discuss vocal technique with experts from around the world and learn more about the world of singing.

The Modern Vocalist World Forum prides itself on being the only open forum on technique and singing in the world. By open we mean, you are free to discuss any techniques, teachers and ideas you feel that you want to, provided that it is objective, factual and in a professional manner. However, open does not mean that anything goes and that you can say anything you want to say. Below are some guidelines to follow.



1). This service will not be allowed to be used as a platform to embarrass or undermine the staff of this forum or members of this service. Posts made in bad faith that target the staff and any of its members will result in immediate deletion of all content and a warning or banning from the forum.

2). Negative posts that unreasonably criticize, complain and/or "rant" about the nature and/or practices of the vocal training industry, products and services will not be allowed. Members that try to use forum posts as a means to undermine the legitimate and good faith practices of the industry in this way will be banned immediately.

3).Any companies' products are encouraged to be discussed on this forum if they are related to singing and the discussion. However, overtly negative posts regarding any vocal coach or training system will not be tolerated. Opinions are ok, comments that cannot be validated are not.

4). The Modern Vocalist World forum is not a platform for directly plugging or advertising your products and services, however we understand that from time to time, subscribers will request information regarding products and services or a particular vocal product or service may be recommended to address someone's problem or question. Recommendations in the context of answering questions to help a forum member on their vocal training is ok. Please use prudence and common sense. The general best practice is, offer a 'tip' or some free information BEFORE you 'pitch' your product or service.

5). Do not post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or are otherwise of questionable content (if you have to ask, the answer is "No").

6). Maintain respect for others and refrain from insults or belittling other peoples postings. In a heated discussion, "RESPOND", don't "REACT".

7). Post new topics in the most suitable section. Read the section descriptions, check with the tag cloud or run a search for the topic you want to discuss before starting a thread to ensure you are posting in the right place and publishing a redundant topic or post.

8). Help other members assist you with your problem by posting all relevant information about the problem you are experiencing. Provide a link that allows for an embedded stream. No Downloads please! Also, provide steps, work flows and previous trouble-shoots that you have tried to help the staff and membership reply to your post better and improve the response.

9). Referring TMV World Forum members to other vocal forums, is strictly prohibited. If a post is found to be referring members to another vocal forum, it will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned and the IP will be blocked immediately, no exceptions.

10). Any discussions about illegal downloading services and pirating protected, intellectual properties of musicians, teachers or anyone will be immediately deleted and those that created the thread will be removed from the TMV World Forum permanently.

11). Any post you make should be relevant to the forum topic.

12). Any purchase made from the TMV Store or TMV Downloads Store are final. There are NO REFUNDS from The Modern Vocalist World. If the seller wishes to grant a refund, that is an arrangement that must be made between the customer and the seller, no The Modern Vocalist World.


Failure to meet these guidelines will result in a warning, post deletion, thread closure and/or banning with IP blocking.

Important note: Please make sure your security/privacy settings are set to default or minimized so that your browser will accept cookies to prevent any issues with registration or login. Please upload an Avatar and customize your username so that you have a unique ID on the forum. It helps make our forum more interesting and fun.


The Modern Vocalist World Staff:


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