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  2. No, it is not a waste of time and money. You are confusing being categorized by certain groups who are looking for a particular sound with lack of ability. When it comes down to the bottom need to train whether you are a Bass, Baritone or Tenor. Without the training you could be miscategorized or labeled falsely. With training a bass could be able to sing into the tenor or even the soprano range. No matter what group you fall into if you want to sing Opera or Musical theater you sing the roles that are given to you. If singing cover songs or singing original songs as long as you find musicians of a like mind you can sing the songs you want, maybe even come up with a new fad. As long as it fits with the music you are singing to. It has happened over and over.
  3. The actor IS Elvis. The MOVIE is "Live a little, Love a little" Starring Elvis Presley. Of course the song is dubbed in. The song was recorded FOR the movie. I think the reason you have trouble with people is because you do not understand what they are meaning so you think they are BSing you. The Vibe is in HOW he is singing the song. The dynamics. Giving more volume and intensity to some words and being quiet on others. Some words sound aggressive and some words sound soft. Some words are extended and some cut off or shortened. I could not find a video showing Elvis singing the song live.
  4. the choirs all think you are iver a tenor or a base, you cant be a baritone as they have never heared such rubbish but what you are saying (by your own words) is that you fit into one catogry of type of singers and putting you into another group would not sound right and therefore be no good. so on that note then the whole purpose of what the OP is trying to achive and the training on off by the big chief RB in his crumbaling 4 pillars of temple are a waste of time and money then, is it not?
  5. that is an actor in a video with the sound dubbed and sound put in from the original song
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  7. I was basing it on the tongue root idea. On the passaggios I dont feel it changes much, but it kinda hides it better I would say. like: First one trying to keep a bit of it, second one more loose. I think it is more economic because it sounds closer to what I would use on a song so yeah. I agree the two middle examples are more consistent.
  8. It is Elvis in the movie. The way he is singing the song is what I am talking about. Not his acting in the video. LISTEN to the song and the dynamics in HOW he is singing it.
  9. nar nar nar your just fooling now not having it! it is a video film and an actor playing the part of elvis
  10. Study other singers. Pay attention to how the words are pronounced in songs and the inflections of the words. Pay attention to rhythmic patterns and dynamics in the words an phrases of songs. How the volume or intensity rises and fall even within the syllables of words. And pay attention to the attitude given. Is it soft and playful or loud and aggressive? sometimes it will change throughout the song or even throughout verses or words.
  11. Maybe Vibe is a better word for what I mean than emotion.
  12. I wouldn't say that I lack empathy through lack of intuition. I still have my intuition. True. (I often use that word cadence incorrectly -- I usually want to say not just the inflection, but the entire thing that makes a voice human, and expressive, rather than robotic.) Yes, and being able to relate first hand with the words of the song helps. But it may be a chicken and egg thing. Not relating causes lack of empathy, and lack of empathy leads to inability or unwillingness to relate. I'm not as nasty as I sound, though. I can really empathize with people who are giving things a go in a positive way (positive imo, of course). Then there are those songs that blow my logic apart. For example, Manic Monday, has so many elements that would normally put me off, yet I think it's a very good song. That whiny teenage girl vibe would normally put me right off. That trite existence -- "wish it was Sunday, My I don't have to run day" -- trite dreams, and succumbing to all those banal teenage priorities, and making excuses for it all... why isn't that my worse song of all time? I don't know. I think it's great, and nails the vide.
  13. In a choir the singers have to have a similar voice(those who are singing tenor sound alike and those who are singing bass sound alike) so the voices will blend and no one stands out as being different. In Musical Theater and Opera you are not just a singer you are playing a role and acting. The music itself is played in a style that needs a specific sounding singer. So no, If a role is designed for a Baritone a bright Tenor voice will not be used. People got pissed off at Journey for replacing Steve Perry with a Heavier voiced singer. They got pissed off with Foreigner for hiring someone who did not sound like Lou Grahamm. They got pissed of with Van Halen going with Sammy Hagar over David Lee Roth they were OK with that guy who sounded like David, but just like me no one remembers his name. So yes there are situations that you want a singer that fits a mold. But when you are the one writing the songs or are changing them to be something new it can be OK for a Baritone to sing Tenor ranges and songs.
  14. I would be more of an Empath. I can walk into a room and know whether the people inside are friends, enemies or just bystanders. Cadence or inflections can also be interpreted different in different cultures. As for the song itself...I have sat on a doc while feeling as if It would not change anything if I just let myself drop into the water...I get the same feeling listening to Otis Reading. And I have sat on a Doc while watching the ships roll by and been as happy as I could ever be....Rod's' version reminds me of this. Rods' enthusiasm could have been because he was singing to the people he was singing to. That is a good quality also and it fits in many songs. A detached retelling of a story without the emotional baggage. Still the music and inflections reflect this attitude and there is another meaning given to the song.
  15. Hello dream trip shit woner-bee f@@k witt -01. I think what you are describing there are more the voices inside of your head rather the chemical emotion you would connect to your song
  16. I totally agree... if your going to be a troll, at least give us something... let's see what you got? Start with making posts that people can read... Bring it...
  17. is that what you ment before about said band looking for a replacement singer and saying my voice was not suitable because the audience want to hear the same singer as before? So these is no point a bright tenor applying for a role as a dark baritone then, even if there range permits it because they are trained in aspects like bridging the passagio break, when infact most teacher or singers have not a blood clue about all this and don't belive you can expand your range
  18. I can't be sure, cos I'm not really into the song, but I can see something a bit more appealing in the last rendition. Otis Reading and Rod Stewart both appear to be singing very much from the perspective of the man "on the dock of the bay". The third rendition seems to me to have more of an outside narrative feel to it -- of somebody looking in on himself and his condition from the outside, which is more my kind of vibe. He sounds more as if his focus is on describing the cloying grip of apathy, than on his "plight", or "victimhood". Now, any song about apathy, being caught up in apathy, coming to terms with apathy, etc. is not going to work well for me. I am not a very empathetic person, LOL. (I was briefly known as the cyborg on one forum I use, LOL). My reaction is more likely to be "pull yourself together, man!", than to feel any empathy. But a singer who can turn it round and sing it from the outside, could have my attention. But that may result in a production that sounds emotionless to someone else.
  19. ^^ I half get what you are saying MDEW. From my point of view, while I can "appreciate" what the singers are doing, I am not feeling the song, full stop. All three renditions leave me indifferent. It's strange, because I can still sense to some extent whether I think that the singer has done a good a bad job of the song (and I mean in terms of emotional content). But not all emotions touch everybody equally. Some emotions may even seem invisible to some people.
  20. Dude at least try to make some sense. Some good quality trolling would be cool but this is just too boring...
  21. Choirs, Opera and Musical theater uses voices as musical instruments. The type of voice is chosen for a reason. Certain voices fit certain parts. And yes, you will be put into a category and pigeon holed, That way if they lose a singer or need to fill a spot, they can pull another similar voice out of the box and fit the space.
  22. I know I am going to bad reviews on this one. My personal opinion on this is that the Pitch is fine music great but to me there is no real emotion in the song. Otis Readings' recording moves me. I feel his pain. Rods' recording moves me. I feel his joy. I feel empty with this recording. Either he was just too tired and burned out or he did not want to be singing this song.
  23. It is not just which mode to sing in but also the rise and fall of volume, which words are loud, which soft. whether to sing one word longer and use vibrato or to end the word abruptly.....on and on. Listening to how the original singer or other singers sing the song may help in deciding how you will present the song. But HOW the song is sang makes a difference. Even if you are spot on with the pitch and melody note for note, the presentation may be bad because of lack of dynamics or the "Rhythm" or general feel of the song is 'OFF" in some way. Yes it is subjective. Everyone has their own tastes and what sounds good to one may sound bad to another, but there are stereo types. Stereo types are there for a reason. Because a lot of people feel the same way about them.
  24. Sad, has nothing to live for, has given up on life. Happy, loves being on the Doc. Nothing he would rather do. It is not just about "Cry" or "Twang" or anything. They have felt these emotions. While singing they are remembering and thinking about the experience that put them in that emotion.
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