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  3. Hello guys. I have always wanted to improve my voice for singing. I play guitar often and when I start singing my friends all run away xD. I have been training my voice for a long time. The problem is I don't have the earing and cannot fall onto notes. I recently came across a program which is promising that it will help for improving the voice and before buying it I wanted to ask if anyone has tried it and if yes does it help? The program is in the following link. Thanks in advance.
  4. You do not HAVE to sound like a woman when using falsetto. That is just the easiest way to describe HOW to produce falsetto. The configuration of the vocal folds is only one aspect of making sound.
  5. Thanks MDEW Dont know about Micky M. but The BEEGEE's staying alive is on my set list. and I have covered it to the original as best as I can and it is indeed a breathy tone. Breathy tone where by all the air used is not being used to sing. So by your understanding of Falsetto is the same as mine a breathy tone the sound of made by a man who is pretending to sound like a woman. I have heared that one to. but it dose not sound right to me, I do not sound like a woman when using Falsetto Found this video which says Falsetto is not breathy
  6. Hey Elvis, Welcome to the forum. Falsetto (the word) is something that means different things to different people even in the professional singing community. Basically falsetto is the "Sound" and "Configuration that produces it" made by a man who is pretending to sound like a woman. The technical configuration is that the 2 vocal folds are not making contact when vibrating as in normal speech and the vocal folds are "Thinned" out. The BEEGEE's are the most common example of someone singing in "Falsetto". Another example of "Falsetto" is the sound of "Mickey Mouse". If you are familiar with Cartoon Characters, A voice to compare Mickey to is "Sponge Bob Square Pants" who has an "Edge" or Sharpness to the sound (because of the vocal folds making contact) compared to "Mickey Mouse" who has a Hollow Flutey sound (Because the vocal folds are NOT making contact).
  7. Well I always though it was a breathy tone, but I hear so many storries and not just that from youtube videos and people off the net but people I meet in person, all giveing there own version of what it means The Cambridge dictonary "italian to english" says the following falsetto [noun] (music) an unnaturally high (singing) voice in men, or a man with such a voice But still in doubt!
  8. I had 2 teacher which told me I'm a tenor but my voice is dark... I flip into mix around F4 and I can Sing high notes only with mix voice (I started study my voice 6 months ago). I want try opera in the future (I'm 23) but I don't know if I'm a true tenor...
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  10. Dear Forum, This is my first post to this great "the singing wisdom". I just started my adventure with singing literally from scratch like 6 months ago. Never did this before. I mostly sing some covers i like with acoustic guitar (I do play guitar for many years) , and I find this a fun and inspiration. I want to develop this more. I know my comfort register - key G#. I mainly transpose song to this area. Easy on guitar. Here is an issue. There are some songs I want to sing, they start first note like 1 tone up from my comfort zone to make it back into comfort zone for rest of verse. 9 time at 10 I will start wrongly this song. Once it rolls I am OK. Like 2nd verse with higher notes is OK. But just beginning is always terrible. It varies from being not on pitch to be not on register even. Is there a way to address this somehow with dedicated exercise? Are there others who struggle with just beginning of song? Any suggestions are very welcomed.
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