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  2. you got that one right pal! few years ago used to be a thriving comunity full of singer and teachers but sadlly it has gone down the plug hole
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  4. woooowweeee they letting guests post now must be getting desprate ayy! when you have to give free tickets away just so people can hear you perform
  5. Your voice is still changing from hormones...give it a few years
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  7. I see what you mean. Yarning streches the vocal chords while using minimal air (bit like lip trials)
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  9. new shooting and digital art on my website

    Plastica con copyright.jpg

  10. Southeastern Wisconsin / Northeastern IL (near state line) - SEEKING MALE VOCALIST (age 21-34) to replace our guy shown in the videos (he's moving to FL mid-to-late summer). Time to get someone in and get them up-to-speed! :)Our current guy is a true Tenor, but we're also open to Baritones / High-Baritones because we can slide some of the super-high songs to our female lead vocalist if necessary. Lead male sings back-up vocals on female tunes and vice-versa. The "lead" video below is an example of our most "Top 40-ish" stuff. The "back-ups" video is an example of our radio-friendly alternative side. The band plays all 2000's+ and has several radio rockers too. List is 100% Billboard hits. IS THIS YOU? OR, does someone else come to mind?? Please contact me or share. Here's videos: Leads: Back-ups: Once you get to the videos, you'll be on Smart Mouth's FB Page. Then FB Message us questions or let us know if you're interested.
  11. Isnt it much easier to sing above your speaking range? I find that when I use support from the diaphragm when singing with power I feel like I am drawn higher. Some teachers, including mine, says that for higher notes it is important to think "down". I like this a lot. I really feel like support forces me up. When I hum a note with support i often end up on F#3 which is really my highest speaking pitch (if just talking normally). I use classical singing rather than pop singing. My power is above the speaking range. I feel like there is a mechanism in singing that forces my up to the higher notes.
  12. I don't see why it would not be part of a warm up. All athletes stretch their muscles as part of the warm up. They also stretch as part of the warm down.
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  14. Yawn. I am not writing that because your post is boring, but because that is the answer. Your voice sounds the way it does in the morning because it is relaxed. Throughout the day speaking and other stresses cause the muscles to tighten up. Later in the day when you are not stressed so much and you start to get start yawning. Yawning stretches the vocal cords and relaxes them and the muscles around your neck..
  15. Hello, i am teenager boy. I do have an interest in singing, and I do sing alot! I also get complimented a lot that i got a beautiful voice. But there is a big problem no one realizes except me, myself. I got a sharp/heavy tone in high/medium notes and a light voice in low notes like that of ATIF ASLAM (Pakistani singer). Everyday when i wake up, my voice is fresh, crispy and capable of reaching any high note. When i go to school, its like that for the first 2-3 periods, but then the voice starts changing, it becomes flat, and it feels my voice is blocked and I LITERALLY can't sing any medium or high notes (even my low notes becomes worse). It stays like that and throughout the the school timing and it becomes worse on the timezone when school overs. Even my speaking voice loses its sharpness and i sound like an annoying 5 year old. I know that sharpness in the voice at the morning is because of the those acids after you wake up but MY voice is NOT like what it changes to at school. Its usually fine in most cases when at home alone, but why does my voice literally becomes so trash as time passes in school. is it because i talk alot in the school? i tried not talking much, as much as it is possible to NOT talk in school, and it delayed the time when my voice starts to get worse, but it doesnt stop it. When i come home after school, the voice stays like that for a while until at night around 9Pm my voice starts to get its sharpness back. Sometimes, it doesn't, so i have to drink honey in warm water for it to be fixed, and sometimes even that honey drink doesnt work!! how do i maintain my real, sharp voice. HOW DO i keep it when i need it the most (afternoon in school, because of singing competitions etc). Is there a different procedure to maintain a sharp voice, if so, please help me with my case. It's getting depressing day by day!!
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