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    Exactly. Quite literally, after repeated warnings, they started throwing fits like children. So we booted them and it was a wondrous pleasure to do so. They went on to try to launch their own forums and they flopped. Nobody gave a shit ... The challenge with post activity is more about a lack of interest in debate, science and being academic about singing. Forums like this are competing with FB Groups and Instagram... ... but, if you guys want to revive, I'm all for it. Maybe there is a chance. It will have to be mostly managed by someone else. @Felipe Carvalho.
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    But I heard that with other forums that went quiet. "It's Facebook", "it's a shift in culture", etc. Meanwhile, other like forums remained strong. I see a lot of demand for information on vocal technique. Let people look on YT for next week's contest. That may be their first step before they ask what went wrong. Eventually, research will take them to the right place.. There is no need to interfere with that process, and it doesn't really stop traffic. It may delay traffic, but that only causes a blip. If you simply repeat the core of the forum, it WILL be a rinse and repeat. You must be able to take ownership of the things that went wrong, which means figuring out how to be resilient against external issues and impacts.
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    The problem now may be the lack of interest in discussing vocal pedagogy. The world has changed and the way people get information has changed. Maybe people think they have found the answer and there is no need to search for answers anymore. People may believe that because there are still questions after all this time, it is a waste of time to even search for answers or discuss the subject. People are still thinking there is a magic bullet and can improve enough to win a contest they will be in at the end of the week so they look on youtube instead of seeking a long term process. It is not about rinsing and repeating the problem but repeating the core of the forum. It is finding people who are willing to learn from and help each other again. Those who have already taken the journey and have reached their goal helping others who are just starting.
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    I sent this as a private message but I think it belongs in this thread. There are random people who are reading this thread and some like Felipe have come across it through other means. To me this means that there are people interested in this forum. " I am trying to get things rolling again without stepping on any ones' toes or bringing up sore subjects. I am not sure if I am making any progress and I know that I do not have the skills or knowledge to start any threads of substance other than trying to see if any one is still interested in discussing vocal techniques. I would think that even with facebook and youtube people would want to have conversations that are ongoing and not just random comments like you do on youtube."
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    These two quotes are addressing the same thing. Personal attacks or vendettas do not belong on a forum. There is no point in having forum guidelines if they are being crossed without consequences. I do not understand why people would bring up the subject of freedom of speech after they used that right for making verbal attacks(this happened). Freedom of speech is not freedom of slander and it is not freedom to undermine a forums ideals.
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    At some point in time, on this forum, moderators were chosen from contributing members. Not necessarily from professional singers, teachers or those with people skills. Just from who is available and willing. At this point it would be me, you or Silly little man. I do not have the knowledge or skill required. Part of what needs to be moderated...and this is where issues arrive....when there are discussions on physiology, pedagogy, or even common principles of singing you need someone who has the knowledge and can steer the discussion back on track when the discussion takes a wrong turn. You also need to know when someone is twisting words purposely and when it is just a matter of not understanding what is being said. There is one who I believe is still monitoring this forum. I do want him to know that he is well respected and not the type of bad moderator we have been talking about. Adolph, If you are out there, I hope you are doing well.
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    This is from the owner of this forum. The one who people ended up with the idea that he was a tyrant because he started openly advertising his product on his forum. And it was a long journey before he did that. I only looked through a few posts on that thread a few minutes ago. I will read it from the beginning later. This thread is a good example of what the forum WAS about and , to me, what new and experienced singers/vocalists are looking for when searching "Modern" vocalists or vocal forums in general. Not so much the blatant advertising that Ken was doing when he started the thread or the subject of what system is "Best" but the fact that each of these post or responses were by Teachers, students or those who truly were interested in how the voice works and improving it. Then they responded giving their opinion and why they have that opinion. Even though Ken started with an advertising saying his technique is the only technique and a subsequent rebuttal against that statement, he was accepted by The owner and welcomed by him and the others who may have had a different view. Many coaches and methods were mentioned and credit given to different styles on their own merit. Those responding including Ken mentioned their background and their own troubles that led to their seeking through different "Techniques" and teachers on their vocal journey.
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    Glad to see you. I lost my internet for 6 months or so and could not take time to use other sources to post anything. I would lurk whenever I got the chance but did not see too much traffic. Thanks for responding.
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    I think there is some kind of fixation about "technique" as if it was something valuable on its own. Technique concerns only the singer, technique alone does not create musical content, and a singer that does not have good technique can be excelent provided that he/she sticks to what is possible. Possibilities vary depending on the person. In my opinion Vedder is badass as it goes. Not technical, just rock n roll. Singing Pearl Jam songs without training is not such a miraculous feat. Making a band like Pearl Jam and all these great songs, now thats something else.
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    Well I had never heard of Ken before today...the dude can frickin' WAIL! I gotta say, my favorite "perk" of this forum is the variety and open mindedness of the people here. I would assume we are all trying to "expand" ourselves...whether we are pushing product or not. On a side note, while looking at Ken's videos, I thought of VIDEOHERE and his desire to nail down that Lou Gramm sound. Think this guy has a handle on that...in a very healthy way("Fooled Around and Fell in Love cover.) NOTHIN' wimpy about those sounds(to me.)