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    I know he's long out of the spotlight, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap...famous once for hits like Lady Willpower, Young Girl, Woman Woman, Over You back in the 60's. I always admired his tonal quality. But I recently ran across this solo album he did of some rock hits and I developed a newfound appreciation for his obvious skill and seemless transitions on these tunes. If you listen to him, you can pick up on many great things you might want to incorporate or develop in your own voice. Such consistency of tone, he sounds so smooth and seamless going in and out of falsetto head, voice, chest voice like nothing. Such a mixture of dark and light quality. In fact you will think he's singing a lot higher than he really is. I study his vowel particular choices...facsinating...to me. He's right up there all the greats IMO, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Sinatra, etc. This is really worth a serious listen! Check out the entire album.. here are just a few:
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    Interesting. I've seen the opposite in thousands of students - from little to no breath support to pushing way too hard. Very few have had great breath support naturally. I completely agree that if you overthink it while singing, or "push" or "force" it, then it gets in the way, especially in performance. At the same time, the whole reason we train anything is so that we don't have to think about it when performing - that applies to pretty much anything, especially in athletic ventures. I use specific exercises for breath support, so they don't have to think about it when doing other things in training, and they know exactly what feeling to go for when I tell them they need to support better for add volume. The above video was about great breath support from sighing through phonations, rather than pushing or forcing anything to happen.
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    needs a bit more work. overall, it's good. that song doesn't really go well with your voice (yet) tho.. try singing Perfect or I See Fire by Ed Sheeran for now... or any kinda song like that (slow). that's the best free advice I could give.